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Yup he seems to be a genuinely terrible human being.

I'm really not the best source for politics-related information, because I don't really follow it closely (even though I know that I should).

In any case, I can't really make myself like the guy personally, because of some of the opinions he has voiced. For example, the insensitive and violent things he has said about gays.

Some people have said to me that those are just words, that we don't really know how he would act in reality, and that we should rather give him the benefit of the doubt and judge him by his actions. They also say that this isn't directly related to his political plan, and that it's the political plan that should matter.

Okay, I know his personal opinion is one thing and his policy is another. However, I personally find it difficult to like a candidate who expresses belief in slapping kids because of their sexuality. I hope he is able to grow out of that view. In any case, even if his words are just words as some people say, there will likely be some crazy people out there who might take it as a "green-light" to act violently.

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