Do you have any allergies?

Feel free to comment specifics down below!

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Numerous types of Pollen.

It's like I told an optometrist, I have seasonal allergies from October thru September.

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So, if I were to receive your actual posting address... I could have a quick scoop... Damnit, I think I'd have to pack it properly...

I also break out in sarcasm, if I'm directly exposed to stupidity.

I'm allergic to cats, dogs, pollen, dust. Over this past year I discovered that I'm severely allergic to surgical tapes/adhesives in general and gauze

Not that I know of. I can react to certain surges of pollen, but I'm not someone who regularly gets allergies in the spring. And generally it's made worse by exercise. Just walking around in it won't set it off, but biking and having the wind in my face for 20 minutes might produce a reaction.

Actually, there is one. I tried a "natural" deodorant once and it made my armpits burn and sting. So clearly I was allergic to one or more of the ingredients. Didn't find out what it was, though.

I'm allergic to a couple of medications.....

Certain types of "contrast" drugs used in medical scans.

I’m allergic to cats, bunnies, and pollen :/

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