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I would not choose to, no. I figure if my only choice were insects or a mammal, though, I'd choose the insects.

Sure ... as long as they are "food grade", I'd have to at least try it.

It wouldn't be my first choice, but I'm willing to sample different kinds of food ... I didn't think I'd like snails, but I do.

No I would not.

Certainly not my first choice

As long as it doesnt look gross and has a good taste

I tried chocolate-covered ants once.  Couldn't really taste the ants.
Might try fried locusts, if the opportunity arises, but would not go out of my way. biggrin smilie

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Well really, JD, I said I would not go out of my way.
Do you think I would go outside and try to catch some locusts, and then pretend they are shrimp after I fried them? hehe smilie

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Oops, too late... I already prepared the steaks with locusts shrimp and garlic sauce.  But you can always scrape off the shrimp and feed them to the cat. hehe smilie
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Nothing but the best for sweet English lads, I always say. biggrin smilie

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I've set the cricket traps for tomorrow's dinner.
You're invited again. biggrin smilie
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If it was to survive, other than thanks.

We consume insect parts every day. Now would I consciously choose to eat an insect? No.

if it was all i had to survive yes

Image in content BBQ baby is much tastier!

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