Ellens avatar Holidays & Birthdays
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We always got a tree on my sisters birthday. December 14th

TASTs avatar TAST Mid-December +2Reply

Until about ten years ago, we always had a real tree and put it up in mid-December. In recent years, we've used an artificial tree and put it up shortly after Thanksgiving.

JanHaskells avatar JanHaskell Right after Thanksgiving +1Reply

We always get a real tree so about two weeks before X-mas works well.

Chris_the_Demons avatar Chris_the_Demon Mid-December +1Reply

My mother never put up a tree until about the end of the second week of December, and as a kid I was more than ready by then...

Fyrefoxs avatar Fyrefox Mid-December +1Reply

Usually right after Thanksgiving, but this year I bought a new tree and I put it up the other day. But we won't turn it on until mid-December.

It seems pretty early to put it up in November. I put mine up in early to mid December.

Or 1st December.

Sofias avatar Sofia Mid-December 0Reply

The perfect time is about December 1.

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