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Chris_the_Demons avatar Chris_the_Demon Accepting your child's gender identity? +3Reply

According to the Amercan Association of Pediatrics, children who are not supported in their non traditional gender identity have a much higher rate of suicide. In one study, for children who were supported by family, suicide rates were the same as the general population.

Gender identity is not a disorder, parents need to support their children's identity.

VicZincs avatar VicZinc Accepting your child's gender identity? +3Reply

Not too sure what you're asking, but I was never a bully to my kids, but they knew who was boss.

lol, do liberals care about science or not? science proves their are 2 genders, thats biological saying their are more then two genders is a social (de)construct. teaching kids their are more is closer to bullying then anything

@ErasmusB_FurmanSmall It is not about science. It is about psychology.

yep, so I never ever want to hear liberals use science to try and defunk any other belief, you don;t care about it yourself.

there are two genders end of story

@ErasmusB_FurmanSmall It is not about science. It is about psychology.

this wasn't an issue before you liberals decided you had to teach kids they could be a different gender and other left wing propaganda pure BS

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