Why can't they leave the originals alone? Dr. Sessus's 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas' is now out in that overused computer animated style. The new movie is two hours long and of course it the original short story by Seuss had to be padded. Cindy Lou is now in charge of looking after her younger siblings because her mother, who is single, must work long hours at her job. Excuse me, but I always thought of the Whos as little creatures that only Seuss could dream up. Benedict Cumberbatch, (who weirdly does an American accent for the role) is decent in the lead role, but he is no match for Boris Karloff. They say the visuals are stunning but I am getting mighty sick of computer animation. Give me a well drawn cartoon, with full animation, any day. I guess I am being a Grinch.