Would you rather have some bacon or beef jerky?

73% bacon 27% beef jerky
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They don't live in the same kind of trees, so shooting them both at one sitting is a challenge.

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what about bacon jerky?


Easy one, right? haha.

Bacon is a much more preferable target.

I prefer bacon.

Definitely bacon, in this case. I'm really not a fan of jerky at all.

I'm not a huge fan of beef.

depends on mood.

bacon jerky is good

depends on mood

beef jerky, no thank you

I'd rather have bacon jerky.

Beef jerky :D

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I would pick bacon. Only eat jerky when I need protien and nothing else is available, Like when at a hard ware store.


Keep the jerky... unless I need to get a bullet removed.

@ZonkeyBalls What's your beef with the jerky?

I do like the soft jerky, where you can actually eat it without knocking a tooth loose but 9 out of ten times....all I can find is the stuff like Daniel Boone would've had..

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