What is the rudest thing a person could do or say to you?

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Well, it wasn't exactly rude, what my mom said to me yesterday. Just a bit surprising and made me laugh at her. She visited, brought lots of stuff to eat and when I was about to close the door behind her, turned around and said: "Wear some proper headgear and shave off that beard." It was unexpected and therefore, quite funny. She's a straight-shooter, as we all are in our family.

Lying about me.

Telling me my mental illnesses are nothing to fret over or just dismissing them. They are very much something that's for sure

Well, short of something criminal like murdering or raping me, I'd say betraying a trust, or not keeping a promise I was seriously counting on.

Say what they want.
There's a 99% chance I won't care and a 1% chance...they'll get smacked upside the head.

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