We live in interesting times.

OMG!!!! New look! I'm bedazzled. Here is a hello...and an update....

I might not be back the same as before ...but I've lately remembered a post of Will's...online is where my friends are...
Here goes.
PM Ms May continues to garner my admiration...listening to her Brexit speech...I couldn't tell: is she in or out? I haven't been following it closely...when I asked my UK friend she said crossly: i don't want to talk about it... So that is what PM May meant when she said: they just want to get on with it.
On the home front...oh hey! Marijuana and major sex scandals. Mostly by the PCs...ha. Markie? Are you there? I haven't been checking in so I don't know who's here or where... Ja...good thing cannabis goes by so many names...makes it fun to alliterate... Here some people are apparently suffering without their medical marijuana... We all knew 1-2 years ago this was coming down...and if you were taking MM and suddenly knew your supply was changing hands... wouldn't you build up a stash? OMG and WTF. Get an extra credit card if needs must. I've got one. Both. C'mon down.
I wouldn't want to be in the Land of Oz and get caught drugging and driving... I've heard and seen (tv) that cops there have got that down pat... Hey Ozsurfer...
AND... I see America caught up in torrents of reality and conflict. So much destruction! cry smilie
Has Trump ever thought: Do I at 70 plus...really feel like running for this country again...or do I just wanna WIN! And I wonder if what happened with Bill and Monica happened to him...how would Americans take it now?
I've ordered my Trumpy Bear...who cares about the bear, I want what's in it. I may not get it before Xmas if this postal strike keeps up.
Enough about me...still using ellipses...what about you. And what're you watching on Netflix? Etcetera...
What I've got on the go is...not in any order: The Big C, Entourage, Enlightenment, and Billions (so seamless and sexy)...I go back and forth on Ray Donovan, the United States of Tara...and I finally dropped The Affair. Some of these are on Crave. Movies are extras. And...how could I forget...Baroness Von Sketch! (women esp. might get a laugh) Others I recommend are Limitless (series & the movie), The Good Wife, Drop Dead Diva, Nurse Jackie. Don't watch the end of Nurse Jackie! It's a downer...and that song stayed in my head for months off and on and is still lurking... Actually...don't watch the end of any series you connect with... then it's never over...
Your turn. Remember: World Affairs, Netflix...and how's the weather? Missing summer already?

*CYA...cover your ass...


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Nice seeing you here...

Great to see ya back babes. 乂ᵒ◡ᵒ乂

Adas avatar Ada Agree +5Reply

Welcome back, Sukie.

That ferret used to be black. What on Earth happened?

Hello Stranger....you were missed.

@StarzAbove Hello Stranger....you were missed.

Thanks...feels good!

Oh hey... Wanted to message you...but I can't.

@Sukiesnow Thanks...feels good! Oh hey... Wanted to message you...but I can't.

Ummm, this new version is very strange. I'm following you, guess you have to follow me to be able to send a message. Try that, if it doesn't work I'll check my settings.

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Great av Rooster.

Heyy, welcome back!

@primeiro Heyy, welcome back!

Hey! Thanx! Is Marianne still around do you know? Remember all those alphabet word games...ha! Good times!

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Wow. I did not know about the bad medical conditions. I hope everything is OK too.

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@Sukiesnow Hey! Thanx! Is Marianne still around do you know? Remember all those alphabet word games...ha! Good times!

I surely do remember the games. Sadly, no, I haven't seen her in a long time. It's been several months since my latest message to her - I hope that she is okay.

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