OF course Washington Post reporter Jamal Khashoggi was killed by that slimy, slick, sadistic and sinister Saudi Prince. 'Ordered' is just a synonym. We are all waiting to see what world leader President 'I like them very much' Trump is going to do about it.

So what's the hold up ? Could it be all the personal dealings PDT has with them? Like he needs any more money....at 70 something...
Canada's issue in dealing with this is - the way I see it - When we give our word in a financial dealing (long time ago with the Saudis)...that means a lot. What to do...Human Rights vs Breaking our Word...and causing financial stress to many Canadians. Don't envy Prime Minister Justin Trudeau...

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Trump's son is a good friend of the Saudi Prince, so Trump won't do a thing about it, in fact he'll probably try to blame it on Khashoggi.

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you actually believe the government reports on 9/11? lol, everything in the report goes against physics, and or do not add up. Bush just needed a reason to invade more countries

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well why would you want to nuke saudi arabia after 9/11 then?

or where you being Sarcastic?

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bush and his government is to blame for 9/11. the planes did not take down the two towers, and it certainly did not take down WTC7 (there was no plane),

there was no plane that hit the pentagon, their is no actual evidence of it. 9/11 was an inside job 100% to justify invading the middle east

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what did they do exactly? i certainly do not believe they flew the planes into the towers, the terrorists Bush blamed for the attacks couldn;t even come close to passing their flight test on cessna planes, did the saudi's plant the explosives in the buildings to cause the collapse?

justin trudeau is a moron, his mom smoked weed whilst he was in her belly and he smoked it all his life, he has no brain cells left. if he acts on what he claims he believes (feminism and human rights) he will cut off all deals with Saudi. but we all know he only cares about rights if he thinks a white christian male breaks it, anyone else is ok to violate rights

@deusvult justin trudeau is a moron, his mom smoked weed whilst he was in her belly and he smoked it all his life, he has no...

Hearsay. And very judgmental. You got something against pot?

Trudeau believes women are much smarter than they think they are...and he works toward supporting them. Yes...Human Rights are very much on the agenda...but like I said in my explanation: We made a deal with the Saudis a long time ago and we are a people of our word. It is not a personal deal...like the many Trump has made that benefit only himself...it is a deal that will cost Canadians (as in we the people) a lotta bucks.

I'm not sure what you are trying to say in your last sentence.

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