When a person does something really bad we call it...phycho...deranged...mental health...issues... When God does something really bad we call it...what? Hm. Let's ask the people of California...Paradise...circa fall 2018.

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Of course God is to blame for the fire in California.

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Actually...I shouldn't have added that sentence about Paradise California.

Post is different and much better without it.

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I didn't say 'god' was to blame. I said 'let's ask the ppl of Paradise.' Do you think they might be thanking their god for their misfortune?

And anyway...we are taking the California situation out of the the post. So that is moot.

That would be odd, if a god existed and would set such cataclysms just like that. It more reminds me of a child with a magnifying glass using it on ants. Perhaps we're in the same situation, and God is a kid with a magnifying glass.

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The fire was started by PG&E not maintaining their equipment and that is what started the fire, not a camp fire. Also it was burning at a rate of a football field every 30 seconds, not a half hour.

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Yet PG&E is being sued over the fire and the loss of property and life. Also PG&E has admitted they are responsible for the Camp fire. No cause for the Malibu/TO fire yet, Edison equipment is suspected, but nothing official as yet. I don't know where your "inside information" comes from, but I live here, been dealing with the lousy air quality the last week and have several friends who are on the front lines in both of the fires. You have a good Thanksgiving also.


It was Jesus who supposedly died on the cross. God had nothing to do with that.

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Or black flies. Even worse.

I blame PG&E and not God for this one. Greedy utility companies who think maintaining their equipment will cut into their profits.

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Hey! nice to see you. Still cooking and bartending?

I heard it's the utility companies and poorly maintained equipment that started the fire.

Who peed in your Cheerios this morning Sukie?

It's absolutely God's fault.
If He hadn't created forests, there would be no forest fires.
And He can't claim He didn't know it would happen ... He's all-knowing, after all.


man is behind every one of "god's" acts

@Sukiesnow So...blaming people then? Unfair of you.

all the things done in the name of god should make him want to make people recognize

After you ask them, let us know..
I'd like to hear their answers.

I'm pretty sure you wont get the answers, you desire to get.

@Sukiesnow So..if you lived in Paradise...you'd be thanking and praising your god?

I've seen lots of videos of survivors there,..

I haven't seen anyone blaming god.
I've seen people acknowledging and saying they will pray...that's what I meant, when I said "you might not get the answers you want to get"

If you don't believe in god that's fine, but people that do, don't go around blaming god for bad things that happen.

I have noticed that people who don't believe in god, like to do that.
Which I'll never understand.
They believe in something, only to put blame on it.
What kind of mental issues might that turn into?....it's sure not going to change anyone's mind about what they believe.

If I lived there, yes I would be thanking and praying, because there's always things to be thankful of, no matter how bad the situation is and a positive mind will get a lot more done, than a negative mind..

If you ever find a video of people there, cursing and blaming god, post it.

People don't have time for negativity like that, in those situations.
I'm pretty sure there's lots of non-believers working right along side believers and they're not worried about bringing up this conversation, that would be a complete waste of time.

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