Ever noticed political posturing? Hilarious. There's a technique where when one politian shakes the hand of usually 'lesser' politician...he will follow up by moving in a bit and putting his left hand near the hands that are being shaken...it comes across as a 'caring'...comforting move. A spin off of this can also be, instead, a good old clap on the arm...near the shoulder...yeah, buddy... Of course it depends on camera angles which maneuver is used.
And let's not forget leg-spreading politicians...oh please...your equipment isn't that big...at least buy better underwear or cross your legs...unless you are grossly overweight which is the only excuse.

Well, I don't know about the women but I hardly see Thersa May or Chrystia Freeland resorting to this behaviour - leg-spreading - ha - but perhaps women in politics will use different techniques. I'll be watching.