What is best done slowly?interpret as you wish...

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You are calling that innocent girl pretty nasty things. Shame on you.

Enjoying a good meal.

@JanHaskell Enjoying a good meal.

Define a good meal, please? Something, that doesn't end with spontanious combustion? Which also reminded me, that perhaps, although my first two attempts of making a taco (for the first time in my life) didn't end well. I still have pristine stuff and many sharp edges to try to avoid. I like canned ingredients to the point, where they don't try to actively kill you by making you bleed to death from your fingers.

turning a country into a dictatorship, it doesn;t work over night, it takes decades, even centuries

Slow dancing.

Extremely fast masturbation. Can blow up the apartment. Again.

Apparently, approaching someone with a monstrously huge turkey

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