Is there a consumable you can't stand...but seeming a lot of ppl like?

Ordering online to Walmart today - love Walmart! - all these flavoured teas. Iced teas. We drank iced tea growing up - mom threw the leftovers from the mornings pot of Red Rose into a jar, added some water and into the fridge! Now that IS iced tea. Although I don't mind a decent Long Island Iced Tea...smirk smilie

Then there are these yoghurt beverages. I can tolerate yoghurt - at gun point - but I prefer sour cream cheese. But those surgery yoghurt drinks carry no probiotics or benefit that I can see...totally pointless.

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Chinese food, yuk.

@StarzAbove I just don't like any of it. lol

No Chinese food, no cranberry sauce, no kale, no avocado's, what do you eat?

@Flrdsgns Don't forget Oreos

lol I don't like oreos either. lol They taste like kale. lol

@StarzAbove lol I don't like oreos either. lol They taste like kale. lol

Don't like oreo's? There is something seriously wrong with your taste buds there Starz omg smilie


lol Actually I do eat pretty healthy. Tonight for dinner I had baked chicken with rice and green beans.... tasted pretty good. lol And I love seafood.

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You don't have a mobile phone?

FB is the most invasive thing ever created. I compare it to leaky gut syndrome or helicobacter made me feel dirty....

i have one the other way around, I love the taste of buckleys but most seem to hate it

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