Do you trust Google more than your doctor these days? Well...maybe you should. If you are smart and Google are much smarter than your doctor.

NO more Doctor! Doctor!...weeping...please save me I'm sick... NOw you google your symptoms! Underlying possible issues! And who knows you better than you yourself? Well, you still have to go to your dr...s/he has worked hard for years to make $300 bucks for 15 minutes of your time - to get a signature for a confirming test or two...or a prescription. Damnit.

Please! Whatever you do...don't say anything about your online investigations. Drs hate patients who Google. It can seriously hamper their cred. Listen to your dr intently...with something approaching a god-like admiration. Then take what they say under advisement, smirk to yourself....and go home and Google some more... There are generally several Options on Google your dr never mentions....

This is an empowering time to be a patient!