Some reviews online are great and authentic... Some are obviously paid for...there must be a company you can hire to give your product rave reviews!

A 'Gourmet' strawberry jam online from a well-known retailer... It got several - maybe four - 5 star glowing reviews. OMG. WTF? Was I wrong in expecting some flavour? Other than sugar? And a couple of gelatinous membranes of a part of a couple of actual strawberries? Still stymied and well, I feel cheated.

Reviews are a big part of life these days! Marketing...merchandising...and most of all...you the consumer. We count on them to make decisions! So it's only right that they s/b fair.

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I think Google is to blame. You can pay them to put your stuff among the first returned search results. Then the other subsidiaries rate them. The catch obviously is, that they are different companies, as such, all part of a consortium owned by Google. It's a conspiracy theory, I know.

@Sukiesnow Yeah... Possibly who ever was in charge of setting this up has gotten to busy to change it...

I think you meant "too", babes. Otherwise, yarpy yarp and slurpie on your neck.

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