I'm offended by people who get offended

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No, that's not my problem.

@StarzAbove No, that's not my problem.

Well, I must admit surprise at your answer.
I've heard rumors - just rumors about how you have been instrumental in getting people kicked of the site - presumably because you found their posts / comments offensive. But, I guess it must have been for other reasons.

Live and learn, I always say.

This user has been banned.

I practice offending myself so I can learn to be unoffended.

God forbid someone feel something

@unknowncondition your right … but we need thicker skin

Actually quite the opposite I think. We're so used to distancing ourselves from others and ourselves, for any number of reasons, that genuine feeling makes us uncomfortable. Many of us deal with that discomfort by becoming callous, so when people actually react in a way that is reasonable but emotion-driven, us callous folk call them sensitive and tell them to toughen up.

Obviously this doesn't apply to everyone, but I think having a little bit of compassion and willingness to understand would be a favor to just about everyone.

I get offended by squirrels. They hate me.

How DARE you be offended! hehe smilie

Be offended, don't be offended, I'll just keep being me. If I see something I consider wrong, I'll talk about it. If I see people getting enraged over something I think it's not that infuriating, I'll say so and why. If someone wants to talk, fine by me. Maybe they'll give me a new point of view, maybe they won't.

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Sometimes I laugh!

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