If you somewhat liked Harry Potter...you Might want to investigate Terry Pratchett's books. Harry Potter is boring and infantile in comparison.

I have watched a Harry Potter movie! Arrgh! How can you stand it? I've read - well I only managed to make it down one page of a HP book. Of course if you are around 10 years old...HP is perfectly okay. FYI... I have enjoyed reading sci-fi and fantasy for many years. LOTR and the books of Terry Prachett are FAR more entertaining and sophisticated...FYI.

I guess to serious fantasy lovers...hp is nothing. I don't mean to be rude to author... Rowling?

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Well HP was originally aimed at young kids. But the series matured as the intended age group got older. When you start the series while you're older it's painfully obvious that it was meant for kids. By the time you get to the last book it gets much darker

I like all the series you mentioned

@TAST I like all the series you mentioned

Terry Brooks is also another author I'd recommend...Ru Emerson...

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