How many poitical partieies do you think a country should really have? I reasonable...the US is ludicrous with only 2 parties...and Canada isn't far behind with only 4.

I can't be constrained!! I need a viewpoints/ideals/values are vast... interesting and need a range of selection.

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Canada has way more than 4 parties. Just none that's are relevant. First past the post really forces a 2ish party system

The US does not have only 2 "parties".

@Piper2 The US does not have only 2 "parties".

if you ain't in the cool click no one counts ya

@Sukiesnow Really? News to me.

That is understandable, since the other "parties" rarely get much media attention or are victorious in a presidential election. That would be why those of other "parties" often align themselves with one of the two most powerful ones, of course.

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Yes. In Canada however the NDP - New Democratic Party - comes up strong, tho...and the other 2 suffer from many well-placed jabs!

The Green Party...we all LOVE! But it's the 4th party.

divide and conquer. we all want the same thing we just have different ways of getting it. parties prevent you from thinking for yourself . We need less parties and more drinks.

As many as they would like....Not so good when they only have one.

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USA has more then two, people don;t have enough guts to vote different then democrat or republican though

We have loads but only two are ever likely to see power.

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