You can’t listen to music while you’re reading, amirite?

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Music doesn't usually distract me from reading unless it's too loud or irritating. If an all-time favorite should come on, I might stop long enough to enjoy it. a smilie

I can't even chew a gum and walk at the same time. It's the Ronald Reagan syndrome.

Yes you can.

Classical is good for reading.

TASTs avatar TAST Disagree +2Reply

Nope, I can't.

I've tried, it distracts me from reading\studying

I do it all the time!

Mashas avatar Masha Disagree +1Reply

Not with lyrics, otherwise I need it to stay focused or else I'll look around at anything that remotely makes a sound.

Skr3wBalls avatar Skr3wBall Disagree +1Reply

I don't read and listen to music at the same time.

Balous avatar Balou Agree +1Reply

I can if it doesn't have lyrics

eli666s avatar eli666 Disagree +1Reply

Quite the opposite.

Sofias avatar Sofia Disagree +1Reply

I can sometimes listen to classical music, but I find music with singing to be much too distracting.

Tibbys avatar Tibby Agree +1Reply

this question has been up for days and days. boreing ill smilie

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