Why can cars drive faster than the speed limit? Are these manufactures responsible for deaths cause by speeding?

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What speed limit would they set a "governor" at? The 10mph for parks and campgrounds? If you set it for the 70mph allowed on highways, them people could speed in any area with a lower speed limit.

@unknowncondition somewhere under 120

I know a lot of people who speed ... but don't know any that go over 100, even on the highway. Usually, they stick under 10 mph above the speed limit. (The cops in WA and OR tend to give you a "pass" if you're 5mph above the limit)

\I think it's a matter of personal responsibility. Speed limits in the U.S. vary from 10 to 85mph. Going 10 on the freeway could be as dangerous as 85 in a school zone.

No, if you look under your car hood....there's a WARNING sticker.

It looks similar to the ones they put on hair dryers..

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We have speed limits, but of course there is always some "hot shot" who will drive faster than they should. It's not the manufacturer's fault, it's the person who has their heavy foot on the gas pedal.

Deaths caused by speeding are the fault of drivers, not the machines. Its the same with almost anything, including obesity. People are often looking to blame someone or some thing else, rather than taking responsibility for their actions.

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