If Apple ever decided to make a laptop with touchscreen I'd hand over my credit card. As it is I'm certainly not gonna splurge on what's out there now...which...after reading many many reviews...sounds like it might crap out on you any day.

Apple first opened my eyes to the possibility of magic! I'll never forget the day I first touched the iPad screen...I fell in love. Plus any Apple I've had has lasted like, forever... Plus...their support system (while it's gone thru ups and downs) has mostly been spectacular!

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Hey Maze! Enjoying politics lately?

Done supporting it? Well...yeah...that's the same with my iPad G2...happens with all technology. Air cleaners...you name it. Oreck just laughed when I phoned them. That is the part about life that brings out my communist tendencies.

The reviews on Chromebooks...Asus/Acer...Surface, Leveno (expensive!) are scaring me. It just seems that nowadays...it's more about luck.

Only ever used iPads.Touch wood -I have never had any issues with them.****

@ThePrinceofWales Only ever used iPads.Touch wood -I have never had any issues with them.****

I love iPads but really? I've never been able to send ppl links and graphics much and keeping track of many files is a nightmare. Of course I've been struggling with this old ipad gen2 all along...been promising myself something else...we'll see... Not looking forward to the learning curve with another company! Aargh!

All I've ever used.
Never gave me any dramatic problems....guess I'm just lucky, like that.

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