Is suicide ever the best solution?

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There a few situations where the quality of life has degraded to the point of tortuous pain. But it is not the case for normal life hardships that need to be worked though.

I can't really answer if its a viable solution or not, because I haven't been in the shoes of those who have done it. yet...

@Sukiesnow Yet?

I've never been to a point in my life where the pain was so overwhelming that I couldn't bear to go on, while also knowing there would never be any improvement, or that it would only get worse. If that were to happen, or my mind was going, to the point where I would be nothing more than a vegetable, who knows what we might choose to do.

In the case of a bad illness, if the person wants to chose not to live that way sure. Otherwise it's iffy.

I've been suicidal the majority of my life and I've never seen it as a solution to something, just an end that I've always wanted.

Suicide, in most cases, is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

Undoubtedly. Not for you though.

I feel like in some cases death would be a kindness, but there's a lot of variables to consider, so it depends.

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