You would say your handwriting is nice and/or fairly easy to read, amirite?

Feel free to share a picture of your handwriting in the comments!

Image for post You would say your handwriting is nice and/or fairly easy to read, amirite?
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Definitely decent! Do you normally write on graphing paper?

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Fair enough.

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When I want it to be...

My cursive is quite legible. But it's not as nice as it was before I learned shorthand in high school .... being able to get the words down that quickly made me less patient about longhand.
"This is Gregg shorthand"
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My handwriting is very legible.

It can be lovely...depending on mindset in the moment.

As a future doctor I stick to the tradition and have a handwriting as if I write with my foot.

@Sukiesnow So...if a chiropractor isn't a real doctor (Two and A half Men) ...is a dentist?

Well we do graduate in dental MEDICINE and we do get to be called doctors. We have to be well versed in anatomy, biochemistry, microbiology, pharmacology, pathophysiology, surgery, paediatrics and even gynecology for some strange reason and those are just a reason to name a few. Do you think we are real doctors?

Image in content Easy for me to read. That's what matters right? It was definitely much smoother when I was in school

@TAST always

That's awesome. I wish I was more comfortable writing in cursive. Although, I will say that my print is super italicized that it looks close to cursive.

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My writing is tiny chicken scratch lol. My teachers spent years trying to get me to write clearer or to use a laptop

Quite neat if I write in single case if I write joined up it's a mess.

Depends on my mood and what I am writing. I just wrote out property tax check that had an almost25% increase over last year so it was pretty illegible. One year they sent it back saying the bank wouldn't cash it (liars). This years return address was "The Salt Mines." I guess they'll cash the check anyway this year.

I would say that.

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