What was your 15 minutes of fame?

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Nothing lately: Once when I used to be on a teenage t.v. dance show in the 60's, and the host had me do a solo lip sync. And again when I won on Name That Tune in the 70's.

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This song seems very appropriate. lol Enjoy! YouTube video thumbnail


Sounds like a beautiful evening! a smilie

Still waiting...

Aside from my then husband talking about me on the radio, and being mentioned by name in some newspaper editorials..it was when I agreed to speak about something for a local television news channel. It wasn't really "fame", just really embarrassing that so many people saw it and kept commenting to me about it for days. redface smilie

When in high school I was on TV regarding a Queen contest we were having at school. lol I sure got teased about it from my fellow classmates. lol It was a lot of fun.

Me typeing a response

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Me writing this very long comment about how this was a very well spent fifteen minutes 6 smilie maniac smilie BTW I'm just destroying my friend's army and more than 500 millon people have died so far and that's not counting the nukes

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