What Are Some Beliefs That You Have That You Think Are The Truth Behind The World?

What are some beliefs that you have behind the world or should I say the truth of how we got here.

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That death is one of the biggest scams that has been injected into our consciousness.

We are a computer simulation on a giant starship...

I think the big fact of existence is attraction. Matter exists due to relationships of attraction, from the very smallest subatomic particles, all the way up to chemical compounds. The planets are held in their orbits by their attraction to stars. Lifeforms mate because of attraction, and people pursue their dreams out of attraction to what could be.

Some spiritual philosophies see all attraction as a manifestation of love, and many people see love as the thing that gives life meaning. So, if you want to get right down to the basic truth of the universe: love.

Here on earth, things are complicated, there's a lot of deception, people's love can be impure, twisted, selfish, but love is still the grand motivating principle.

I think other planets and suns are closer then you are told... there definitely are dark planets out there.

@Walt_OReagun I guess we're getting closer to figuring out a mystery planet in our own solar...

yeah now their calling it a super earth. remember when Pluto was the ninth planet. just think if we rechecked your old high school science tests everyone would have to repeat 9th grade science

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