OMG I am so sick of the Nafta talks! NOT trying to screw the US! WHY would we DO that? There were talks, do we need a Nafta deal...really? Like, Why? AND, US farmers were also on the News...saying that it wasn't such a big deal... So...WHAT is Going on? Trump should stop taking Prozac and switch to Venelafaxine. It's less paranoia inducing...I've heard.

And FYI the US has ALWAYS been trying to screw Canada every chance they get! I mean...since we've legalised many US dealers have been trying to get in on that action? And oh please. Stop buying all our beautiful properties up North. We don't want your money. Fruck you.
And China? Omg. China does us ALL a favour by producing goods cheaper. May the Universe always Bless China!