do you think they reason they circumcise boys as babies is because they wouldn't want to do it at 18.

something seems wrong here.

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Well ... according to one of the stories in the Old Testament, the Israelites invaded a city after requiring all the adult males be circumcised. It's probably a good bet the men weren't up to fighting, while recuperating.


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i'd be good and angry for a fight after that

@unknowncondition i'd be good and angry for a fight after that

You might WANT to ... but you probably wouldn't be ABLE to.
More painful than a kick to the crotch ... and no anesthetic back then.
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this is why I hate religion,the hypocrites,they condemn body mutilation but corrupted me before I had a chance to resist


I've always been confused jewish ,non-Jewish... I thought the jewish didn't do it

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I believe woman are behind it, it keeps the recipient cleaner

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