We're still calling it NAFTA. Or something else. Apparently nothing much has changed from the original Nafta agreement! If Trump wants to call it YMCA or something... good luck with that.

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I went to a site that explained the new sustainability and it isn't anything like what we have known in the past. You are right to be leery.

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That was pretty much my take on it when I saw it. My brain is still fried from the first time I read it. Yes, I do think we will lose. Trump only bought us a bit more time before it really changes.


Yes...it does remain to be seen! And Trump is also under that category...although he tries to make Americans believe he's working on their behalf. Real estate agents don't always...you know...translate into becoming good politicians.

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Agree. He knows that is what the ppl want and sometimes he remembers... ..to fit it in as in - oh yah...gotta remember to put something in for the people. Yesss. Can't forget that...man... What was I thinking? Buster!...pls remind me when I forget this...okay? There's a good lad. Ha ha...yah. And tell me how I won this thing again? Hah...

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Nafta was a shit deal for us? Which nationality are you? This new site dosent indicate.

It's hidden in the subscript, rather than the actual text itself. The treaty itself is very clearly stated and - naturally shaped by the both agreeing participants. Unfortunately... Devil - indeed - does fiddle around in those tiny, tiny details.

I'm not surprised nothing has changed, but I am surprised that Trump hasn't renamed it the Trump Deal! lol


I can't click on links. It take me away and then I hafta log back in.

So...well...ha! That was funny... Did I respond correctly?

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