do you judge people who use cash. I once heard only poor people use cash. then I went down a highway and couldn't get through the toll because I didn't have 42 $ cash on me. I offered a debit card , but they said I couldn't use it Instead of making a scene I just drove off without paying. I got a ticket in the mail for that one. The ticket said don't send cash.

58% cash rules 17% I never use it 25% i'm the person inline paying in change
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I agree, it doesn't matter at all how others pay for their merchandise.

My mom has access to my bank account. Anything I dont want her to know about, I use cash. I also use cash as an emergency thing. I try to always have $20 on me just in case.

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I usually use cash when buying Christmas gifts, only because if the person has to make an exchange I want them to have the money. I see nothing wrong with anyone using can be the smart thing to do.

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I've never heard that, about only poor people using cash. In my own experience with bridge or highway tolls, debit or credit cards have not been a choice. With a toll that pricey, I believe you would have had other options, these days, if you hadn't just driven off without paying it.

Always use cash in the supermarket...

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