If I was a farmer in Canada...I would !absolutely! entertain the possibility of growing cannabis. Farmers have to keep open to possibilities...nevermind the possibilities of outdated judgements.

Sooo...furthermore... a big fuck you! to all the people, who, in the past dissed cannabis and are now taking advantage of it.

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I dont think there would be any situation where I would be a farmer but if it was more profitiable i'd do it as farmer.

wait till my opium farm puts you out of business or maybe my coca farm . nobody should have the right to tell you what you wanna farm. in a way it's like denying nature , what a bunch of fascists

it's not just drugs. in Florida big fruit farms claimed peoples home grown oranges were causing disease to the farmers so they systematically destroyed everyones oranges. I bet that helped sell some oranges

Yeaaa!!...Prison aint so bad, there's tv and outside time..

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