What's The Most Surprising Coincidence You Ever Had?

What's the most surprising coincidence you ever had in your life?

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I was reading the book of Matthew last nite and was at the part where Pilate was asking the crowd whom he should set free Barab'bas or Jesus and at the same time a TV program was just starting. It was with Anthony Quinn 1961 as Barab'bas.

I was heading out of state with the (then) fiance and we saw a car had ran off the road into a tree, stopped to help.

She called 911 and i kept the guy talking, tuns out we had the same name, our moms had the same name, dads have the same name, and he was on his way home from visiting his sister, whose names was the same as my fiance.

Never saw the guy again /shrug.

There's another Marko Kettunen living in my home town. He got married a few years ago. I have been getting weird notices about my supposed personal life ever since.

There have been a few. I was reading the book of Genesis last night and suddenly... No...ha ha ha I am fucking joking.

Once a close friend was visiting my city out of the blue. It didn't seem possible that we were gonna meet up at all...her visit time was limited and she had many understandable serious commitments... I later went shopping at the Eaton Centre...got off the escalator...and suddenly there she was! It was so amazing.

The latest was that one of our teachers in university turned out to be from the same town as me.

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