Remakes of old movies is simply Hollywood being lazy. i don't buy it! Come up with original ideas...do NOT remake old ones which were great to begin with. There are PLENTY out there!

A Star is Born...my ass./

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Time to remake the first Star Wars film.Why I hear you say?Why not?

Like a book is better reading than in a movie version...an older movie is better than anything 'updated'. No? Okay. Tell me your favourite movie and then watch an 'updated' version and see how much you enjoy that experience.

neither agree or disagree, sometimes they the remakes can be great, often they are aweful and unnecessary

Agreed. Mary Poppins my ass!

According to a report I read a couple decades ago ... there are under 100 basic story plot-lines that can be used. So when you write a "new" story, all you're actually doing is changing the characters and locations and time of the story setting.

@Sukiesnow So...are you also saying that there is no such thing as new music?

I don't see how the 2 are connected.

However, there is a finite number of musical arrangements that can be heard by humans.

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