WILD CONSPIRACY THEORY: Could this song be describing the next US president?

I was watching a video about predictive programming and it was talking about how there are certain bands which have released songs which seem to convey things "they" plan to do 33 years in the future.

Here's the video if you're interested:
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One of those bands was Duran Duran, and as I'm watching, they showed a list of their songs and the dates they were released. I noticed that in 1987, 33 years prior to the next election, they released a song called "El Presidente". Okay, now I'm intrigued, so I look up the lyrics to the song and WOW are they ever freaky. Who do you think it might be talking about?

Miss November Tuesday
Bend your rubber rules
Take your time but don't take
Off your high heeled shoes

She's in demand at dinner time
She's on the factory wall
And when the gentlemen retire
Guess who's in control?

She blew your money
On taking a cruise
If that isn't funny
Well, watch out teacher

Ooh, ooh, when the chamber's empty
She said, "Ooh, ooh, meet El Presidente"

Dressed in flimsy clothing
Use your lipstick line
To color fear and loathing
With a pink disguise

You've never refused
When she lies back
Put a stripe on the Union
And a star in the Jack

She's on the case at dinner time
She's on the evening news
And if you dare step out of line
You're going to be abused

You may not like it
You may not be scared
But hell has no fury
Like a young girl's ego

You might adopt an attitude
Look on the moral side
But if police are after you
Where's the best place to hide?

For this production
They gave her a gun
Ain't no director
So watch out actors

Ooh, ooh, when the chamber's empty
She said, "Ooh, ooh, meet El Presidente"

Ooh, ooh, when the chamber's empty
She said, "Ooh, ooh, meet El Presidente"

Ooh, ooh, meet El Presidente
Ooh, ooh, meet El Presidente


"Meet El Presidente" is the sixteenth single from Duran Duran, and the third single from the Notorious album. It was released by Capitol-EMI in 1987. http://duranduran.wikia.com/wik..._El_Presidente

Duran Duran - Meet El Presidente (Official Music Video) - YouTubeThe official Duran Duran video for 'Meet El Presidente' by Duran Duran from 1986's NOTORIOUS. Directed by Peter Kagan & Paula Greif Stream Duran Duran's grea...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M6CLWV0JBU4
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We'll see, but that reminds me of another great tune by Duran Duran.
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My point was simply to share it, I thought it was interesting.