When did you first realize something was wrong with the world and it's leaders

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yeah mine was pretty early too it had to do with a sexist nun at catholic school in kindergarten.

@unknowncondition logically I couldn't handle science and religion from the same teacher

do you live in Canada? because thanks to liberals Canada's self defence laws are ass backwards, (well by the books we are allowed too, but not with any weapon, lol because fists will do well if someone is shooting at you SMH), but more often then not if you defend yourself with a weapon even without in canada the criminal is often made to be the victim and the actual victim as criminal. you need to know the law and have a good lawyer to defend yourself for defending yourself


Was it the 2nd Zulu War?

Sometime in the 60's when a nurse was walking home from work and a would be rapist attacked her. She defended herself with a pen knife and she was the one who got charged with having a weapon. It clearly let me know that the people really have no voice in this world.
Is what is going on in France a reflection of this now?

When I was born

a long time ago, was very young when I noticed the corruption of liberal politicians, i see corruption in conservatives also. but it reaches no where near liberal politicians. ideally i'd have someone like Ron Paul as leader but people don;t want real freedom

When Ronald Reagan became the president of United States. We were growing a pig in our family farm - called Reagan. And then, at the age of eight, just after I had had my portion of him, properly cooked, I learned he used to star in B Western movies. Imagine my shock. He wanted to go all Star Wars, just so he could still keep wearing the stetson and cowboy boots.

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