What do you want to make disappear?

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Bullies and cancer.

@JanHaskell Bullies and cancer.

Just say it by the name, love, we all know, who the real bullies are and since I already have the big C, I don't really want the fifteenth one at one sitting. I'm still trying to figure out that X-mas present for Amy. Not that it would make me any better as a person, but perhaps the bullshitters would see the other side of me, which isn't really that bad...


People, who push random cars for no reason at all?

My ex wife???

@Rooster My ex wife???

Is she the reason, why you decided to go for a submarine/naval warfare game?


@deusvult globalists

So, should I take this in the way, that you live on some other planet? How do they even manage Hinternet on Mercury?

Biased bitching about non-relevant issues on an opinion site. Then again, it's really a close race with rusty nails giving you a blood poising, if your shots aren't in order. Or Erysipelas, which almost killed me - but didn't - my CRP was well over 200 and my shots have never been off date.

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