isn't globalism great?

the migration pact is all about bringing these types of pigs into white countries to wreak havoc and destruction. and it doesn;t take mush research to see this to be true,

in Canada their have been numerous actual refugees try to get into our country, they filed all the paper work, went through the legal means only to be rejected. Trudeau and his globalist masters only want the criminals to invade. did you know that sweden is projected to become a third world country in a quarter century if they keep going the way they are? YAY globalism right?

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Image in content yes globalism has a place, and this is where it belongs.

the more globalism wins the more nationalistic people are going to get. I am 100% against globalism, we can trade,/visit other countries without that pile of you know what we know as globalization.

and immigration is fine if the people assimilate, for example: Chinese do so when they move, sure they have their china towns but I am ok with that because they don;t come here and tell me I must give up my life to support theirs. but thats not what globalization is about, its about bringing in MEN who hate white countries to destroy the host country, look at Sweden for example. women and children is fake news to make anyone who disagrees with it seem evil. but when you look at the truth, its mostly men who are coming into only the white countries.

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ok I see your point, and agree with it. i too am becoming more and more nationalist. i think it is taking Europe a long time because the last time it went too far and Hitler came in power (just a thought, maybe completely wrong).

I was once told in an argument with a black friend of mine that black people weren't perpetrators of mass killings like white people. it blew my mind. Africa faces genocide everyday. But I backed down for fear of being fired.

@unknowncondition I was once told in an argument with a black friend of mine that black people weren't perpetrators of mass killings...

did you mention the Ruwandan genocide? (one of many examples).

sorry you had to back down from the truth to save your job, this society we live in is ass backwards

@unknowncondition I was being dramatic about my job but I was the only white man in a room of 30 black men.

but still, when truth is stiffed thats when societies like nazi germany or communist regimes can take hold

@unknowncondition it's a shame those guys are the best just misguided by news

thats all Germans where too, because they didn;t bother to think for themselves. same is happening now.