You find my language offensive? Yeah, well I find that offensive. WHO are you to dictate what's offensive or not? I don't know which god you worship - if any - I simply chose to express myself the way a human being should...unfettered. It's possible you are taking this far to seriously. And obviously personally.

Your world is not mine. Why should I obey your rules...when you don't obey mine? And there are no set rules on this planet....other than good will to all people.

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Heavy leads is more like it thanks to Difasco.

exactly, and what is to dictate what is hate speech an doffensive when it comes to politics, wish death on trudeau or muslims equals jail while wish death on jews/christians or whites is permissible. and all this under trudeaus new disgusting laws

Ha, you said dictate. ; )
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PG status? Please explain. : )

@Azlotto PG status? Please explain. : )

Short for pig status. As in if it's good for pigs...who are very's good enough for us.

@Azlotto Thanks for the clarification...I heard pigs prefer doughnuts over bacon.

Back to the word 'dictate'...were you innuendo-ing the word 'tate' as a replacement for 'tit'? Hm. All the word 'tate' does is remind me of Sharon Tate who died at the hand of that fucker Charles Manson.

@Azlotto Ha, you said dictate. ; )

Not getting the innuendo...unless it as something to do with 'dick'. As in suck my dick that i don't have. ( not to you...ha)

Too serious for me. 

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Talk however you want to's no butter off of my potato..

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