social security is a Ponzi scheme, amirite?
how does insurance work anyway, ( it doesn't) when a major catastrophe comes along they go bankrupt and don't honor their contracts . they even compartmentalize the companies so that they are in regions just big enough to contain a disaster so they don't have to pay out that area but still collect from the safe zones to protect the companies as a whole. Ask the victims of the California fires.
What's wrong with paying for services rendered. ( they can't take advantage of people then)

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you can take a horse to water ...but you can't make it understand it's a slave

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fucking house cr*ckers

go bankrupt lol sure, they make billions off insurance even if they pay out what they promise in such cases. they go "bankrupt" because they want their luxury islands. and love living the wealthy life.

but I agree it is a scheme, one to rob us blind of our money.

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