Name your favorite place in the world

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The backcountry of Banff National Park

@deusvult banff is beautiful indeed

Yeah, I was luckily enough to work for Parks Canada as a University student for a couple summers, got to spend a lot of time in the Back-country and it was incredible.

@TAST Yeah I went there a few times

was my favorite restaurant growing up

@deusvult was my favorite restaurant growing up

I take it you're from Alberta then? I'm in Ontario so I don't get to hike in the mountains nearly enough

@deusvult born and raised, and still live, don;t plan on living anywhere else

I've been almost everywhere in this country (Just missing Yukon and Nunavut) and I gotta say as far as provinces go Alberta is a favourite.

alberta canada

My bed

Key West Florida

As a child it was Girt's Confectionery (since gone)

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My home.

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