this is why Trudeau wanted to legalize weed, A) needed a reason to put these laws in place, and b) keep sheeples minds too busy celebrating pot legalization to even bother paying attention to the police state Trudeau is furthering!

this amongst a million other reasons is why trudeau's pot "legalization" is a disaster! but this one is the biggest reason.

do people not realize this is how fascism takes hold, one law here one law there all under the pretence of "public safety" or "if you don't drink and drive you have nothing to worry" "or if you don;t have have anything to hide then you don;t have any problem" these where the same arguments used in Germany leading to the rise of fascism. so Sad, history teachers aught to be ashamed, either because they failed to accurately teach history, or because their pupils didn;t listen in class.

‘A radical departure’: Stricter drunk driving laws take effect today across Canada | National Post The new laws mean police no longer require a suspicion that a person had been drinking to stop them and sample their breathhttps://nationalpost.com/news/canada/stricter-drunk-driving-laws-to-take-effect-across-canada-tomorrow#Echobox=1545140537
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It's always easier to implement "police state" type laws, when you can use "justifications" that 'sound good" on the outside.

i don;t get why people use the arguments "got nothing to hide" or anything like that to justify trampling over human/constitutional/bill of rights RIGHTS. im not just whining for the sake of whining! this is my country i do not wish to see it fall to fascism, which is where we are headed.
maybe i should just keep my head burried in my ass and be "polite" and pretend like everything is peachy keen? should i only complain when republicans screw up? give me a break! if you agree with taking away rights, then YOu should go move to a dictatorship, they will gladly take you. I want my rights and freedoms!

So, you're upset because your some old boozer who likes to drive drunk? Got it, No wonder you think it's a bad time to be alive.

@StarzAbove This guy sure sounds like someone else that used to be here, you think? MM?

Of course, Synyster was banned, and since he can't stand to be ignored, he just makes up another name and comes back again and again.

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Merry Christmas and God bless.

maybe I should just stop politics like i said i would when i rejoined, argh, so hard though when it is obvious where my country is headed and other countries as well.

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thanks :)


How unfortunate for you if you know this jerk. You should never admit to it though.

@Flrdsgns So, you're upset because your some old boozer who likes to drive drunk? Got it, No wonder you think it's a bad...

yup "got nothing to hide got nothing to fear" must bow to any laws because of that. SMH! I DO NOT ever drive after drinking. i don;t even drink that much, but I don;t agree with police being able to pull me over and abuse my rights in the name of "public safety".

people who stood against the gestapo in fascist Germany where told the same BULL CRAP as you are telling me now. why am I the bad guy for standing up for MY CONSTITUTIONAL (or in Canada bill of rights) RIGHTS? if I or you bow down to these laws, its not many generations to go before we see another fascist regime take hold, and its people like you who enable it

@unknowncondition yes . but crashing would be a good reason for arrest

I don't care if some drunk crashes and kills himself, but taking out innocent lives is what the laws are about. Maybe if someone in your family were killed by a drunk drive, you might change your opinion on drunk driving laws.

~todays innocents are tomorrows criminals~

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