Our intelligent PRESIDENT is super smart and shut down his fundation very legal and very cool before CROOKED HILLARY goes to jail for HER CROOKED fundation run by that CROOKED Ben Gazzy. Very SMART sir - very INTELLEGENT. You are a BILLIONIARE so smart and handsome.
WHERE ARE her EMAILS???!!!??!!! Mr. TRUMP, SIR, please sent her to jail. SHE had COLLUZION not you! BERNIE SANDER is a COMMIE!

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Considering some views I've seen and heard expressed here and there....your satire is sadly not all that far off.

I know this is sarcasm, but that's exactly what the righties are thinking and saying.

Stealing from his own foundation, that's pretty low. I can only image what the righties would be saying if Obama had done that. ...where's Ivanka's emails, let's send her to jail.

Trump in bed with Putin, I can only imagine what the righties would be saying if it were Obama, all hell to be paid.

But it won't last. Many of Trump's staff are going to jail, and he will too eventually. It's just a matter of time.

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