Would you prefer more of the world in America , or more America in the world?

This ones confusing.
Can we all at least agree that Americas ideas are great, regardless of administratin. we try to do the best and maybe we fall short and have been off track lately but that doen't mean we arn't trying. It's hard for me to hide my opinion on this but i feel too much of the world is influensing our decitions making America the confused country that we are today. We are a beuatiful cultural and racial melting pot that stood to take the weak, the poor, and the invalid. Maybe we bit of more then we could chew. While the great ideas of other cultures have helped lead this great nation to prosparity the worst ideas of these foreign cultures are currently holding us back.

Eventualy because of cultual diversity we will become less of the nation we started as. racial diversity is good but cultural diversity is bad. This is America where we adapted to rough conditions or parished. However now instead of foreigners adapting to our great culture we are exspected to adapt to them, undermining the groundwork laid by our great and insiteful fore fathers.

American is my culture and if you don't like it stay in your original unenlightened countries because i personally will not sit by idle while you destroy your second country with your mistaking feelings. I will fix this country before i flee it because this is all i know and Ameriaca is all i have.