Statistics say that jobwise it will take more than 200 years for equality to happen. I think stats are accurate...even behind by 50 years. ALL things considering.

For fucks sake you know I can't send links on this iPad...but why would I make this up...

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@unknowncondition money don't mean happiness

I would like to make equal with the rest of the men I work with


Women have a long way to go in catching up with men's suicide rate too.
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Okay....not all women would want to become firefighters...but that's not the point. The point is that in most equal-type jobs men are still favoured as in being breadwinners...and that is what's unfair. Especially now when men can take time out for pat leave. And they should.

Move to Canada. With a good company partner can take 6 months and the other one can take the next 6 months. EQUAL!! Both partners bonding with child. One year off for your child who is worth I riight?.

So if the 'man' makes more than the 'woman'...that's part of the inequality.

This is not necessarily a bad thing for men, you know. Perhaps you men have always wanted to become housekeepers.

Not too many years ago a movie came out asking What Women Want. Isn't it odd that all this was understood that What Men Want was important... but no one ever asked about women?

Equality ain't happening. Too many variables.
Somebody is always gonna be pissed off about something.

UNLESS - people recognize and accept that equal OPPORTUNITY is all that can be offered. What you do with your opportunity is up to you.

Well, Sukie, in another year or so you may be right about the extra 50 years.
"In its annual gender gap report, the World Economic Forum raised the amount of time it will take to close inequality between the sexes to 217 years. A year ago the association said it would take 170 years to achieve full gender equality around the world."
"The decline is in part due to declining conditions for women in major countries including the US, China and India. Under President Donald Trump the US dropped four places to 49th."
Hah!  I knew it all along!  The decline is Trump's fault!
I bet he caused the declining conditions for women in China and India too!

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