Elon Musk with his 'bore a hole in the earth for a self-driving car' is as usual out-of-touch with reality. Yes...it's been done. It's called a subway, a metro, or a tube. Hard to do these days with cities developed as they are. And what it sounds like, if at all possible, might just be only affordable for rich people.

At least Richard Branson tries to improve lives globally...you only seem to do it for yourself and your buddies. Here's an idea. Why don't you multi-million-billionaires who want to make a notation in history....why don't you-all get together and come up with some decent ideas that benefit all of us...

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Maybe his idea is a little before his time, but no matter what, Elon is a bit of a strange duck.

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I don't think this is a wise idea, especially in L.A. but at least he is out there using his own money and trying to solve a big problem.

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Yea!!...Spend that money on teleportation.

People drive too damn slow for me and there's always someone in the opposite lane, keeping me from passing..

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