Where is the farthest you've been from the place where you were born?

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Alaska and probably Hawaii.

I figure it was to Frankfurt, Germany, both times.

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For me, it was about 5378 miles (according to Google Maps): from here in Rio, to Edmond, Oklahoma.

Other than that particular event, I rarely go too far away from where I live, and that was the first time I went to another country.

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For some reason, I imagined that you travelled a lot. :)

I can't say that I know anything about Michigan, other than recognizing the name Pontiac. :P Is Michigan very different from the rest of the US?

Anyway, I'm fond of the little bit of USA that I got to know in Edmond (even though I probably didn't get to know it as much as I could, because that was not my primary reason for going there).

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That seems a bit like my case, then - I live a few tens of miles away from where I was born, and I don't remember ever having gone out for vacations.

Ah, yes, it's very possible to "travel" a lot without even leaving home, with books and Internet. :)

America is indeed really big. That's the case with Brazil too - lots of differences, even just among cities inside the same state.

About 8,000 miles....From here in the U.S. to Shenzhen, China.

france i am from Alberta Canada

Let me see...how do I answer that without divulging my privacy?

I was born in Spain, so I guess the furthest I've ever been from Spain is California.

Vienna, Austria

San Diego, CA to the west. Paris, France to the east.

Nearly an entire country away

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