DO you know if your city fooking fluoridates? Please check it out. While it's good for kids who intake too many's a big Negative for adults... Meanwhile...freaking parents can and should control their kids...get them fluoride treatments and have them use toothpaste containing flouride... without making adults have to suffer the consequences.

I had to dig very deep to find out my city fucking fluoridates...and then also that they add phosphates to combat the lead present in our 'drinking' water. Of course...your city will tell you: it's perfectly safe! And if you believe are also the type of person who believes what your doctor tells you. Good luck with that.

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I figure that's why there are warnings on products containing fluoride, about not swallowing it. It's okay to dump it in water supplies though, when it's profitable or convenient.

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That's why you have external fluoridation in forms of varnish that's applied to the teeth, it's not ingested and remains in the oral cavity which causes the forming of calcium fluorapatite which is like regular calcium apatite on steroids.


Sorry B, I usually like you but I'll stop you right here. Like anything ingesting it in large enough doses will definitely make you sick and kill you even. HOWEVER in carefully monitored doses it is solidly proven that it DOES reduce occurrence of tooth decay. Ingesting it IS a good idea under strict regulation and it will save you from a life time of dental problems when done by a dentist.

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Fluoridation doesn't guarantee that you will have no dental problems, too many factors go into that. It does however decrease the likelihood. Fluoridation is an investment for a population wide reduction of instances of tooth decay, as far as this "toxin" is added in strictly regulated amounts (which is a must because it's dangerous in high concentrations) is indeed harmless.
On the hand no one is forcing you to ingest tap water, I for one don't not because of the chemicals but because the idea of ingesting water that runs in rusty pipes underground disgusts me, pipes that get constantly opened with all the dirt getting in and layering up inside them (also I hate the taste of chlorinated water) although it wouldn't be harmful for me and I use tap water for anything but cooking and drinking. You could easily do the same if you don't like the idea of ingesting a miniature dose of fluorides. Anyone who doesnt want that can easily buy their water from springs with minimal to no mineral content.
This is done because in most countries people couldn't be bothered with caring about their dental health and that fixing demineralization is far easier and better for teeth than getting a filling or a root canal treatment.

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Ever heard of the word "prophylaxis"?

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They wouldn't teach us that in dental school so I disagree with you. Ingesting it exactly is primary affecting the still forming teeth of children, providing enough mineralization while teeth are erupting to help them against tooth decay. In adults ingesting fluorides doesn't help teeth as much as having fluorides in their mouth due to drinking water with fluorides, that is the intention. That is why they do it. And no matter what the result is clear. What is your logic on "industrial waste" a government purposely poisoning people? In what universe is that logical? I'm sorry but this is nothing but hype and fear mongering. We agree to disagree.

Yes, I was very aware of when the county I live in was proposing to dump phosphate waste into the drinking water here. When I wrote on my utility bill how opposed I had been to it, how much their cheery message confirming that it had been done disgusted me..I actually received a thick envelope of BS about the great benefits of fluoride in our water.

I'm not quite as concerned about ingesting the diluted amounts, as I am for the much smaller beings who do.

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For sure. Here it is, without a doubt.

Hold on there Sukie, I study this crap and can explain why it is done. There are two types of fluoride intake, internal and external. Toothpaste, dental fluoride varnishes, mouthwash with fluoride and such are EXTERNAL fluoride applications, they affect only the teeth in your mouth. Fluoride in water is a type of internal fluoridation in minimal doses trust me it is, because there is a strict limit for children for fluoride intake. It is done because despite ingesting it some of the fluoride ions still remain in the mouth and saliva which makes enamel stronger and more resistant. Like anything overdose of fluorides can cause intoxication which will happen if say people are giving their kids fluoride supplements despite drinking tap water containing fluorides. I'm sorry Sukie but at this point all you're doing is spreading hype. Because what is the logic otherwise? Hey we're the government and yeah let's poison our entire population because we're assholes.

What I hate is people here reading a few articles on the net made by people with questionable competence and going oh ok fluoride is poison. YES it is! If you ingest it in large enough doses (which are not really that high) it will make you very ill, it's never been a secret that they add fluorides to tap water. And let me be clear, it's FluorIDES the combination of fluorine with other elements not Fluorine the simple chemical element. Try eating a few spoons of table salt see it that's not toxic OMG table salt contains chlorine and chlorine is used in BLEACH! BAN TABLE SALT! But no, table salt is pure Sodium Chloride which does not sound so much different but trust me it is.
Go ask any dentist about fluorides and see what they tell you.

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Take it as an investment for the future, it does not guarantee absence of dental problems but it will reduce the likelyhood and the rate at which is going ( considered that the person has adequate dental hygiene on their own) on the long run. Especially for kids, because fillings or in your case root canal treatment is nothing but a compromise. I can tell you that your treatment is needed because your cavity advanced so much it reached the pulp of the tooth and infected it.

best post ive seen form you keep it teeth are still yellow as shit

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