Do you think the otter really gives a crap?

Before complaining about Fox News, this story was covered by several other news agencies including CBS.

If you click on the attached resource you can see what all the hulaballoo is about. That otter is huge. The comments are a real treat to read. Ha!

Monterey Bay Aquarium apologizes for ‘fat-shaming’ otter, calling her 'thicc' on Twitter | Fox NewsThat's one beefy otter.https://www.foxnews.com/lifestyle/monterey-bay-aquarium-apologizes-for-fat-shaming-otter-with-black-language-on-twitter
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No, I'm pretty sure Abby is not concerned about the odd choice of words in the tweet. She might give a crap if she really was "overweight", though.

I'm an otter and I am going into hiding.. No hang on...hehe smilie

hahaha Awww,,,,she's probably devastated. lol lol Probably won't be able to swim for days. lol

African American Vernacular English (AAVE)?

In other words, another case of "Only black people can use this language about ourselves".

The title of the article is misleading, the issue wasn't really calling the otter fat, it was using AAVE, specifically terms invented for the sake of objectifying women.

Nope, the otter doesn't give a cr-p; the otter can't read.
The apology was addressed to the silly snowflakes who do  care.
A lot.
(Oops, I hope I'm not snowflake shaming.)  hehe smilie

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Rooster, you spanked the wrong Tink again!  biggrin smilie
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