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A View from the Digital Trenches – Lessons from Year One of Hamilton 68

This article helps delineate the process used by Russian controlled web accounts (bots) to increase traffic and therefore internet "buzz" around Russian targeted agenda items. The Hamilton 68 dashboard itself shows the numbers of bot tweets/ Facebook posts etc. by tag.

The point being only that Russain controlled bots are promoting this go fund me account. To what end? Your guess is as good as mine.

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Yes plenty of buzz. But why so much from accounts linked to the Kremlin? Here are the screen shots from Hamilton 68. I don't know if they are fake, but it is interesting that these accounts are so focused on something that seems unlikely to be of interests to Russians. Image in contentImage in contentImage in content

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Yes. I love that it is now trending on Russian influenced web accounts.

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Not sure where that came from. But OK. I love that Russia supports this movement. That's what I said.

Wow, I thought something was very fishy with that account, and the sad part is so many Americans have fallen for it. There will be NO wall, so a lot of people are being scammed....again by the Russians. And I doubt they will ever get their money back as the Fund has said, it's just another scam. People need to wake up.....and stop being so naive.

@VicZinc The guy who started it has had at least three other sites shut down for...

Wow, I was right, I knew it wasn't legitimate.... and thought right off that it was a scam.

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Why are you talking to me, it's not my post, talk to Vic. If you think it's legitimate, go ahead and donate $1,000, and get that wall built. lol That's a lot of money that will probably go into his private bank account. Time will tell.

Damn!!...Here comes those meddling Russians again!!!..

Thanks for the heads up!..

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Yea....I might need a shot of vodka, to kill the I can sleep. smirk smilie

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