I believe that it is the intention of the Creator that the Earth should be filled with healthy happy people, not wretched miserable ones. We endeavour to obey His command to increase and multiply, yet we allow the latter to flourish as we sidestep them in the streets.

Through no fault of their own, other than circumstance, some men cannot provide subsistence for themselves and their kin. We have perpetuated a society that does not want and does not value their labours and labels those labors meager; a society that does not recognized nor rewarded the talents of those men and labels those talents useless.

Some of you say such a man has no claim of right to the smallest portion of food or shelter and would say to him and to his heirs "begone from this Earth unless you can produce labours and talents that Man desires." God has bestowed that man's talents. Worthy as he may be in the eyes of God, he is still unworthy in your eyes, the eyes of Man. I call you beelzebub the fallen one, and I pray you see the Truth as Scrooge saw by his visitations.

My God have mercy on your selfish souls.


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There will always be evil to test good.

Evil doesn't care about rules or laws.....much less morals.

No such thing as a perfect world..

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